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"The anime Petite Princess Yucie is loosely based on all the Princess Maker games, has the character of Cube from Princess Maker 2 appearing as Yucie's steward in the anime, looking nearly identical in style and design to how he appears in the game. Yucie herself looks almost identical to the character of Lisa from Princess Maker 3, including the hairstyle and unusually large forehead. The final "villain" of the anime shares the appearance of Maria, the daughter from Princess Maker 1. Ket Shi the demon cat, a minor villain in one episode, is also from Princess Maker 2, although in the game he is the god of the Wildcat tribe, and can be helpful to the player rather than harmful. Other characters in Petite Princess Yucie can undoubtedly also be found in other Princess Maker games."Wikipedia EN.

Takami Akai is the illustrator and scriptwriter.
It is a beautiful story, comical, sincerity, and tenderness. I recommand to all of you to watch it.
Warning Spoil!!!
A question came in mind at the end of the story of Yucie.
We can see Maria from Princess Maker 1, who is responsible of the story, adventures of Yucie and her friends. Maria who was the chosen princess didn't want to sacrifice her friends, lost them with her world, the Magic Kingdom 1000 years ago.

But with the help of Yucie, Maria vanishes with her ruined world, heart relieved, soul in peace and smiled.

Has Takami Akai let a message behind this, something about Princess Maker (1)?
Petite Princess Yucie (2002-03)  

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