Princess Maker Collection

Princess Maker Collection

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Princess Maker 3

Princess Maker Collection Princess Maker 2 gameplay

Released in 1997 for PS1, 1998 for Sega Saturn, this game is still my favorite, and maybe the one with the biggest about illustrations. In this game we can see a development about father-daughter relation dialogues, and also the possibility to choose the father's profession which changes the game. This game is the one which made me start the collection, with the original PS1 Game framed.

"In Princess Maker Faery Tales Come True, the daughter is a young faery who desires to become a human princess. The player's task is to help her reach adulthood. In this version, everything said to your daughter and done will help determine your daughter's attitude, social status, and outlook on life. Unlike the previous game, the player has a chance to choose between six occupations." Wikipedia FR

The game had a Steam release in jun 2017 on the name : Princess Maker 3: Fairy tales come true.

4h for a game.

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